Visualize Peace

April 27, 2017

I have been trying to find at least a few minutes everyday for my meditation practice. Often times there is noise around me, and I’m accepting there is little quiet space to meditate to my perfect conditions in or out of the home. Now I'm try something new, which I am excited to share with you!! We may have all felt this way where in yoga class we hear the same cue or instruction a thousand times and we unexpectedly experience that "AHA!" moment, where it feels like what the teacher was saying FINALLY makes sense!!


During our recent visit to Kauai, I would meditate on our balcony, overlooking the sea. I would sit, go through some deep breathing (deep inhales, long slower exhales), and soon enough my mind would be still (er) than when I began. I would trace around my thoughts (how my mind is working, rather than what I'm thinking of), and imagine them as being physically outside of me, learning from my teacher Rolf Gates that you are SELF, and your thoughts are outside and separate of you, changing like the tide - and I am working to practice recognizing them as so. I would listen to the sound of the ocean, and liken that to the activity in my mind. I would visualize the space between myself and the sea as the gap between myself and my thoughts, and from the balcony would visualize my thoughts operating a physical distance outside of me. I would feel and allow my mind to drift and deliberately draw it back to this space, just like navigating a kite back to course. In my meditation practice right now, this gap observing my thoughts is the space where I feel most at ease in my body and mind. I would now feel safe, and then turn my back to my ocean of mind chatter and leave it to itself, and walk away from it.


I am noticing this lesson in my meditation now. This morning, I'm in the house meditating and there's the dryer running (it most often is). After feeling annoyed for a bit, I listened to the running dryer, and imagined if this auditory distraction would exist if the clothes were hanging to dry outside in the sun, with the breeze silently sweeping them gently left and right. It brought me a humming silence.


I work at a school and every morning feels there's always a basketball bouncing outside.  After deep breathing, I listen to the ball bouncing with a new curiosity, and imagine how it would sound if it was bouncing on a cloud, or a few inches above the ground. This soft beating rhythm led me in between my thoughts for a moment of peace. Think of a grapefruit - Yes a grapefruit. As you part it, imagine each chunk as a thought, and the space between the two neatly held pieces as the space between the two thoughts- now imagine existing even for a moment in that space between them. My lesson throughout this is to find a way to work with my environment, ditch the excuses, and use what’s around me and the power of my imagination to create my meditation paradise one day at a time. I encourage you to find three minutes today, listen/ see/ feel/ breathe and accept the distractions outside of your control, and work with them! Let us know, and allow us to help you build a more realistic meditation practice through your busy life!


With Love,





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