Yoga Teacher Training Final Classes

When: Sunday, November 10th, 2019


Where: Subud House (upstairs), 330 Melville Ave, Palo Alto

Additional details: All classes are FREE! No advanced sign-ups necessary. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the class start time. Bring your own mat. Plenty of street parking.

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Class Description: Cycling is very common exercise and popular way of commuting nowadays. Cycling offers great cardiovascular benefits as well as muscular endurance and strength. However, the repetitive movement and long-lasting posture create physical imbalance at shoulders, back and hips. By practicing upper back and hips opening and back bending help cyclists to balance their bodies after a long hour ride on the bikes. Of course, it benefits not only the cyclists but also most of us while we spend too much time on computer, driving and electrical devices in our daily life. Students of all levels are welcome!

About Teresa: Teresa started practicing yoga in 2011 after she moved from Taiwan at the end of 2010. After taking her first class with Lauren Alyne Anas in Palo Alto, she immediately fell in love with it.  Teresa found that Lauren’s classes were amazing and changed her perception of yoga entirely.  She never thought of yoga could be so elegant and charming. She took Lauren’s advice to practice yoga at least 3 times a week and that’s how she become passionate about it.  Yoga taught her how to be grateful, embrace good and bad, balance, and slow down in her life.   


After finishing her 200-hour YTT with Hana Raftery and Ngugi Kihara in 2019, she continues learning and practicing yoga. Sharing with others her love of yoga is the greatest gift that she wants to give to others.

YOGA FOR CYCLISTS (hip and chest opening), 10 - 11am


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Class Description: Who are we, really? Who are you beyond the attachments, adjectives, patterns, stories? This class is an invitation to come home to yourself, connecting your inner light of awareness to that which is unchanging and always present through mindful movement, mantra, and mudra practice. You can expect a playful yet focused flow with a soulful playlist curated for this class. All levels are welcome.

About Meg: Meg started an insight meditation practice in college, intrigued after reading Ram Dass’s beloved “Be Here Now” for a literature course. Fast forward a decade later in 2014 when she strolled into her first yoga class, thick with grief from a recent loss and ready for some “exercise.” 75 minutes later, she was on her phone, searching, “is it normal to cry during savasana?” Asana practice quickly became a way of being and healing rather than an exercise class. Meg’s background as an occupational therapist is a natural fit for teaching yoga- both practices emphasize a holistic approach, exploring the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Deeply touched by the transformative power of yoga, she hopes that she can share this practice and the joy that it brings with others. 


When not practicing yoga, you can probably find Meg baking dog treats, hugging trees, building living room forts, and unapologetically dancing in the car. She is still healing from an injury, and hopes to be back on the beautiful bay area hiking trails this spring!


Meg will complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Hana Raftery and Ngugi Kihara of Mizizi in November 2019. 

INNER LIGHT FLOW, 11:15 - 12:15pm



Class description: Find calm, inner strength, and personal confidence during this vinyasa flow class. You can expect an athletic, playful, and thoughtful flow. Students will be encouraged to safely challenge and trust themselves. We will move through a layered, balanced sequence together while practicing self-compassion. All levels are welcome.

About Jade: Jade came to yoga in 2013 looking for a class to add to her workout schedule and has found so much more. Yoga helped her begin to feel more comfortable, confident, and at home in her own body after years of struggling with body image and empowerment. While this work is far from done, Jade teaches yoga to share a practice of healing and self-compassion. In her classes, expect to try vigorous, balanced sequences with upbeat music and a sense of playfulness. 


While not practicing yoga or crafting a class playlist, Jade is an enthusiastic cook, baker, and eater. She is completing her 200-hour teacher training with Hana Raftery and Ngugi Kihara of Mizizi Yoga in November.